Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Casanova Commits Another Blunder

If the ongoing City of Baguio vs BCDA word war can be likened to a chess game, then Casanova had committed a fatal blunder. His last move is a dubious and a fatal one. Let's now leave the chess game and go to the actual facts surrounding Arnel Casanova's latest mistake.

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Recently, the BCDA terminated its contract with Camp John Hay Development Corporation. Thus, the Baguio City council scheduled a meeting to discuss the 19 conditions involving the turnover of authority from the JHMC to the BCDA.

The city dads wanted to resolved a very sensitive issue. They wanted to discuss with BCDA if it will honor the honor the conditions, despite the termination of the lease agreement.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan even issued a statement stating that city government is prepared to take over Camp John Hay as soon as the litigation battle between BCDA and CJHDevCo has finally be resolved.

The city government has in their possession a “19 conditions,” document it deemed vital to the smooth handover of CJH. Melchor Carlos Rabanes, the city Legal Office Officer-in-Charge has a firmed conviction that BCDA must stick it out to what the conditions stipulated. Specifically mentioned is Condition 16 of Resolution 362 that stated once the contract between the BCDA and the developer ENDS, all improvements will be turned over to the city government (Baguio City). The smart lawyer even went further by stating that BCDA recognized the '19 conditions' when it inserted it in its contract with the developer.

And now comes Arnel Casanova's dubious move. He and JHMC President and CEO Jaime Eloise Agbayani snubbed the meeting! Casanova can't make it since he and his other officers conducted a corporate planning. Damn reason, he could have set that corporate planning to a later date just to accommodate that vital meeting.

I wonder what's on Casanova head. Perhaps, he is biding for time up to situation wherein BCDA has 1.4 billion pesos it owed CJHDevCo. Another case of self interest winning over the welfare of the common people. Gosh, Mr. Casanova, just give the people of Baguio what they wanted ever since - a better, secured life. Is it too much for you to give in to the poor people demands? Prolonging their agony is the same as keeping justice away from them.

If Casanova continues with his arrogant antics through harassment and delaying tactics, there is no recourse, but for Baguio city officials to file a case against BCDA. Observers believe that BCDA and JHMC would not surrender Camp John Hay to Baguio City, but instead go all out to have the former base back in its control. Therefore, this legal battle over Camp John Hay control is far from over and will have another chapter.

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