Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10 Affordable Essentials for an Organized Closet

The best way to solve the daily dilemma of putting together an outfit is to see every article of clothing that you own. This way, nothing gets pushed to the corner or gets buried under a pile of shirts and jeans -- you will instantly find whatever it is you need. To make dressing up an easy, enjoyable part of your daily ritual, here are 10 closet essentials.

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Wooden or foam-padded hangers

Experts recommend these pieces to prevent creases on the shoulders of your shirts. Hangers of the same color and style also look better than gaudy, mismatched ones.


Install hooks for belts, ties, and other accessories. Experts say that these can be attached to the back of a closet door.


They explain that general lighting is not enough because it does not illuminate the inside of the cabinet. It can also cast a shadow when you are browsing through your clothes. Install lights inside the cabinet to help you see your belongings better.

Fabric softener sheets

These will keep your clothes fresh and fragrant. Experts say you can tuck them in between garments.

Shoe racks

Many room look messy because shoes are left out on the open and on the floor. Improve your space by investing in organizers for all of your pairs.

Drawers and containers

Clothing articles (such as undergarments) and various accessories should be arranged neatly. Choose matching storage boxes for your prized possessions.

Full-length mirrors

Don't you hate having to jump up and down in front of your bathroom mirror or having to stand on a chair to view your entire outfit? Fritz says that a full-length mirror will give you a whole picture of what you've put together.

Garment bags

Clothes meant for special occasions shouldn't be stored like the rest of your everyday clothes. Some may be made from delicate fabric or may have beadwork that might come loose, so store gowns, barongs, and suits in zip-up garment bags.

Cedar wood blocks

While moth balls keep pests away from your clothes, experts share that they leave a strong chemical odor. Try cedar wood blocks for a warm, subtle smell.

Drawer liners

Although homeowners often don't use drawer liners, one might want to reconsider. Experts say that these protect clothes from snags, especially when the finish of the drawer surface is rough.


  1. The handbags and shoe rack organizer are the ones that I needed at this moment. This two piece can be a great addition to our walking closet.

  2. haven't tried fabric softener sheets, maybe because most of my clothes are hanged, so that none would be left out, and I won't spend so much time thinking what to wear, I arranged my clothes according to when they were washed :) newly washed means I see them later

  3. I need all of the above, and more! Time to go Ikea again. ;)

  4. Love this idea. My small closet is so cramped up with stuff!

  5. I love this tips, you are absolutely right. this would help us organize our closet

  6. I guess my husband owns the talent of organizing closets, and he gave up on me doing mine, so he took up on himself to arrange my stuff..and yes, i'll bookmark this post :)

  7. This is an awesome idea. I need to do this!

  8. These are very helpful tips Papaleng. I need to organize my closed to badly. It is a mess right now. Thank you for this ideas.