Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Arnel Casanova: The Dreamer Turned Villain

In the never ending BCDA vs. CJHDevCo Saga, every Juan dela Cruz is pointing an accusing finger at Arnel Paciano Casanova. They claimed he was the one to blame for the court's decision not to be implemented. But who really is this Casanova?

Atty. Casanova came from a poor family. He had to juggle between two jobs just to earn a college degree. He graduated from the University of the Philippines earning degrees in Law, English Studies, and Urban Planning. He also finished his Masters degree in Public Administration at Harvard University.

He is a dreamer who has a drive to succeed. He is a man with vision. But his lust for power and money made this fine vision go to waste. Why I am saying this, "If one has a dream, he/she must work hard in pursuing to attain it". Isn't it right? Many of us will agree! Even Arnel Casanova believed this goal! However, not all dreams are worth pursuing. There are certain aspects of a dream that should be looked into consideration. Foremost of it is the MOTIVE or intention. Is one's motive self-serving or for the betterment of others? Sad to say, Arnel Casanova picked the wrong reason.

In the BCDA against CJHDevCo legal battle, Casanova acted not as the Defender but an Offender. His Gestapo tactics of harassment made life miserable for the locators, lessees and tenants inside Camp John Hay. All he is good at is instilling fear and sowing clouds of uncertainties to 'innocent' people caught in the middle between legal two warring parties.

Casanova is a man who can't accept defeat. He is acting like a demigod who doesn’t know how to respect the law and the rights of other individuals. Arnel Casanova is the worst kind of 'bully' that every innocent people fear. Add to this - Mr. Casanova is labeled a corrupt, a theft, a manipulator, a bribe taker, and a man living a lavish life among others. He has lots of awards but the man is not a good leader.

Because of his wrong actions based on personal whims, it seems that the future of Camp John Hay became uncertain. From a dreamer, Casanova has turned into a wicked villain.

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