Saturday, January 31, 2015

Top 10 Scented Plants for Your Garden

A palette of perfumed plants can transform even the smallest of gardens into a sensory delight

Scent adds an extra dimension to a garden, turning it into a place where you linger, indulging your senses rather than rushing through to the front door or garden shed. Use plants that flower in different seasons to turn your garden into a perfumed paradise all year round. Plant heat-loving shrubs like lavender against north-facing walls and surround them with brick pavers or stone pebbles to draw out their perfume. And position night-scented plants near your outdoor living spaces or windows so that you can savor their scent while relaxing in the evening.

1. Wisteria.

The spectacular scented flowers of wisteria appear in spring on the bare vines, with leaves following soon afterward. Train this climber along pergolas or fences, or keep it trimmed as a shrub. Wisteria will tolerate frost but prefers a sunny spot.

2. Plumeria.

If your idea of heaven is a beach in Fiji, you must plant a plumeria. The exquisite scent of this tropical shrub more than compensates for its lack of leaves in winter. You need a warm, sunny spot for plumeria; pots are best for those in colder areas so that plants can be moved to shelter in winter.

3. Daphne.

Winter-flowering daphne has an unmistakable old-fashioned scent. Partial shade is best for these shrubs, with a free-draining, cool and slightly acidic soil. The flowers range in color from white to pinkish red and lilac.

4. Citrus.

Citrus flowers are sweetly scented, plus there’s the bonus of delicious fruit. Citrus need plenty of moisture and food, particularly from spring until autumn. Most are vulnerable to frost, so plant in pots in cooler regions. The main flowering period is summer, but some citrus varieties, such as Meyer lemon, will flower and fruit virtually all year.

5. Star jasmine.

The hardy, low -maintenance climber star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is well behaved. It has glossy dark green leaves and, from midspring to late summer, is covered in deliciously scented white flowers. Star jasmine is tolerant of light to medium frost.

6. Gardenia.

This is a shrub that needs plenty of TLC, but its divine fragrance is well worth the effort. Gardenias prefer fertile, acidic soil, lots of moisture and partial shade. Plenty of compost or other organic matter in the soil is also essential, as is shelter from frost in winter.

7. Lilac.

The sweet, old-fashioned perfume of lilac is rarely found in modern gardens, particularly in warmer areas. But lilacs are still common in traditional gardens in cooler regions. These frost-hardy trees can vary in fragrance, so choose plants when in flower. Lilac prefers a moist soil and will flower well after a hard frost.

8. Spring bulbs.

The sweet scent of freesias (seen here), narcissus and hyacinth reminds us that spring is on its way even when trees are still bare. Freesia grows best in warmer regions, while narcissus and hyacinth are frost tolerant. In small gardens, spring bulbs are best in pots so they can be moved out of sight while the foliage dies back (an essential process to ensure good flowering the following season).

9. Roses.

The scent of a rose is pure joy. However, not all of them suit warmer areas, and many modern hybrids lack fragrance, so select your varieties carefully. English or David Austin roses usually have a good perfume, as do old-fashioned damask roses.

10. Lilies.

Of the many, many lilies you can grow in the garden, hybrids of L. regale and L. longiflorum produce the most beautiful scent. Some of the newer hybrids are less fragrant but easier to grow. You need a rich, well-drained soil and plenty of moisture to grow lilies well, ideally with cool shade around the roots and sun on the flowers. Grow them in pots if your garden doesn’t suit their needs.

Tell us: What are your favorite scented plants? Share your suggestions and pictures in the Comments!

source: houzz

Thursday, January 22, 2015

15 Ways to Overcome Disappointments

A list of 15 simple and effective ways, one can overcome disappointments.

“Success and disappointment walk hand-in-hand”, that’s how many view life. Great leaders and idealistic young men, totally or in part, will agree with this view. However, one has to learn how to deal with the pain brought by disappointment in order to fully enjoy the fruits of success. Following are some techniques helpful in turning failures into success as you thread the road to overcome disappointments.

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Ignore the Critics

* Turn your ears away from critics howl and don’t be a skeptic! Believe in yourself! Remember… Success is just one percent pure talent and 99 percent dedication and determination.

Keep Your Head High

* Instead of running away from troubles and trials in life – Face them and look at them straight in the eye! Keep your head high and say, “You’re no match against my powers. I can overcome you!

Get a “Failure” Trash Can

* Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, and Michael Jordan - what do these “men of success” have in common? They all experienced frustrations and failures somewhere in their lives. But what made them successful – they threw away the evidences of their disappointments and made the first step to reach their dreams. Do you get it?

Write About It

* Studies have suggested that writing down your painful experiences and emotional events help in clamping down stress and encourages healing. You can start put anything down on paper.

Wear an Armor

* Don’t misinterpret the saying “All things happen for a reason.” Never have the wrong thoughts that disappointments is like a magnet, where you are attracted into. Create an imaginary bubble where you can hide yourself at the sight of potential failures.

Look at Things from a Distance

* In a game of chess, one can clearly sees his position ably and clearly if he will look at the chessboard at a distance. Same in life, you have to back away with some distance to see so you can see the real picture experiences bring.

Pamper Yourself with Gentleness

* When disappointments enveloped your heart and mind, just be cool. Don’t ever scream or shout back at yourself! The situation will never be change even if you shout on top of your voice blaming yourself for the bind your in. Be calm and speak to yourself with gentleness. You deserve one.

Create a Pearl

* Marvel at how a naïve oyster can turn an irritating grain of sand into a beautiful, white pearl. So, let your disappointments and failures form a highly-prized pearl.

Dancing in the Rain

* My dad once told me, “Son, don’t wait for the typhoon to be over before you make your next move,” “You must learn how to feel the coldness it brings by dancing in the rain.“ Get my point. You’ll never know how deep is a river unless you jumped into it.

Nurture Your Roots

* Learn perseverance from the bamboos. Frail and with few leaves, yet.. they can withstand storms… Why? Because their roots are firmly planted on the ground.

Take a One step-at-a-time Strategy

* Haste makes waste as the old adage dictates. Study the butterfly’s life cycle – from a fragile caterpillar, then passing a cocoon stage, finally transforming into a colorful butterfly ready to flap its wings.

Let Cracks to Set in

* Have you ever wondered, why cracks appear in your career, relationship, or personal plans? It is not there to suggest that your endeavor is a failure, but rather, it is an opening for light to come in.

Get Up and Keep Trying

* The scriptures say, God don’t count the number of times we fall, rather the number of times we get up! So if disappointments knocks you down to the ground five times, then stand up six times.

Join the Race

* Put on your running shoes go and run in the human race. This is the arena where you’ll gain knowledge about mistakes and disappointments, reflecting on them as you pass over them, and turning each failure into knowledge, and growth.

Hold onto Hope and Believe in Miracles

* My formula for success, hold onto hope and expect miracles to happen… they do come when you least expected them!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

15 Easy Ways to be Inspired

Are you feeling down or being defeated by life’s frustrations, then here is a list to perk up yourself. Just 15 easy ways that will get you inspired.

To finish the race we call the “human race”, a runner must set some goals to follow. But these goals are easier said than done if a “push” tool is missing. This tool is what we call inspiration or set of things to be inspired. Money nor time can’t get you to finish the race, only your vision and life’s natural wonders will get you there. Here is a list that may come in handy for you to get some inspirations.

Say I Love You

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* It will be just great if you expresses your sincere affection for your love ones by telling them you love them. A hug and a kiss is endearing too.

Throw that Frown Away

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* Smile, and let the world smile with you. Even if you are not in the mood to share one, just smile… it will definitely change your day.

Enjoy Nature’s Heartwarming Serenity

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* Take a stroll on a beach, flower garden or a walk on a park just to get that feeling of being connected to nature.

Watch the Children Play

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* Experience the joy and laughter children at play bring. Leave your worries for a while to appreciate the joy these little angels offer.

Be Appreciative and Express Gratitude

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* Think of seven people close to your heart that you are grateful for. Get out of your way and send them a gift as a way of expressing gratitude.

Marvel at the Sun’s Magnificent Grandeur

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* Be mesmerize at how the sun rise and set from a picturesque position.

Reminisce the Good Old Days

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* It will be a great idea if you can set a reunion party with your good old friends and talk about those happy and feel-good memories.

Watch Birds in Flight

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* On a fine day, look up into the blue sky and observe the graceful maneuvers birds do while in flight.

Let Music Take its Toll

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* Grab you headset and set your music playlist. Sing along, dance or just simply enjoy listening to these soul-suiting music.

Take a Much Needed Good Laugh

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* Just set an activity, be it watching a funny movie or simply crack jokes with your love ones or friends.

Take a Bubble Bath

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* Let your ideas be soak in warm scented water, and let your mind take some quality moments to relax.

Be a Good Samaritan

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* Spend some time visiting orphanages, drug rehabilitation centers, hospital’s cancer and leukemia wards and the likes.. Offer something nice for these people who are in need.

Open Your Heart

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* Let your emotions shine by treating yourself to an experience or activity with friends that opens your heart. Or by watching an uplifting film, reading an inspirational book or going by a list of sweet love quotes.

Ponder About the Dreams You Desire

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* Dreams are free, so why not get a piece of paper and chat down all the things you want to have if you have the money to buy them.

Desire for World Peace

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* Isn’t be nice that at the end of the day, you can say a prayer that love conquers adversities so that there be peace and joy for the human race.