Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yummy Ham and Pickle Roll Ups

Are you in charge of making a food dish for a gathering? Ham and Pickle Roll Ups taste great and are easy to make. Learn the five easy steps to making Ham and Pickle Roll Ups.


If you have been given the honor of making hors d’oeuvres for a baby shower or family gathering, don’t panic. There are a lot of easy hors d’oeuvres that take only minutes to throw together. One favorite of mine is ham and pickle roll ups. These roll ups not only taste great, but they look classy. Below are the ingredients, the 5 easy steps, and some tips to making this tasty hors d’oeuvre.


• 1 Package of Ham Lunch Meat
• 1 (8 ounce) container of Cream Cheese (softened)
• 1 Jar of Whole Dill Pickles


• Lay out a piece of ham lunch meat so that it is lying flat.
• Spread a layer of softened cream cheese on the sliced ham.
• Take the pickle and roll it up in the ham.
• Repeat Step number 3 until all of the pickles are rolled up. Place them in the refrigerator until the cream cheese hardens. This may take a couple of hours.
• Slice ham and pickle roll ups into ½ inch slices. After they are cut into slices, you may also want to insert a toothpick. This will both enhance the presentation of your hors d’oeuvres and make them easier to pick up.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Camp John Hay Homeowners and Investors -- Victory is Achieved!

Victory is achieved! After months of agonizing days and sleepless nights, it is safe to say that justice is now served in Camp John Hay’s third parties. These investors who bought properties inside Camp John Hay can now breathe a sigh of relief after the Court of Appeals rendered a final decision to let these third parties stay and manage their properties. In a recent decision, the Court of Appeals permits Camp John Hay Development Corp. (CJHDevco) to stay and continue operations until the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) paid the company P1.4 billion as compensation.

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The investors, locators, and sub lessees hardship & difficulties finally bear fruits. The road to this victory was long, taxing and winding to the extend that some lessees thought it is best to just pack their bags and abandoned their hard earned properties. But the wheel of fortune turns to their side - from a picture of hopeless case, from a that it even reached to a point wherein homeowners started packing their bags ready to leave and abandon their properties; and just when everybody thought that this could turn into a hopeless case, justice still prevailed through the Court of Appeals’ final decision.

Finally, the legal issue between BCDA and CJHDevCo has been resolved after more than a decade of battle. The court's decision has affirmed that the lessees has availed the properties in good faith. The recent development also proved that justice still prevails in our judicial system.

This is a victory for CJHDevCo and more importantly, for the Camp John Hay Homeowners and Investors who finally get their wish to live without worrying that they can be evicted from their properties until 2046. The recent development also proved that justice still prevails in our judicial system.

With this development, the people of Baguio City through the initiative of its mayor and the City Council can now pursue its dream of making their city a haven for both local and foreign investors as well as a world class tourist destination.