Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to Organize your Bed Linen

We all love pretty things, and bed linen and pillowcases are no exception. In fact, most of us take great care in choosing sheets that aren’t only pretty but also feel wonderful to the touch.

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When you own several sets of bed linen – usually composed of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, 2 pillowcases, with probably a duvet, too – it can be a challenge to organize them. Here’s one cool idea:

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Fold all the linen into a size that will fit into one of the pillowcases, then use that as their “case”! Martha Stewart suggests, tucking the sheet set inside one of its pillowcases, and then stacking them according to size (twin, full, queen, king) or by the room you use the sheets in (master bedroom, guest room.) Now you won’t need to go through the entire closet anymore just looking for matching sheets and pillowcases!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

DIY Valentine's Day Decor

Creative projects you can do for your S.O. (even if you're totally un-crafty!)

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Whether you're decorating your space for a V-Day party with friends or you simply want to give your home a hearty upgrade, these projects will surely be worth your while. Here are different handmade decorations that you can do. Just a tip, remember to have some fun and experiment with designs.

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Fluttering Valentine's Day Heart Wreath

Light and airy papers combine by the dozens to create a colorful, handmade Valentine's Day decorating accent. Drape a single wreath on a chair back, or group a trio for a front door welcome.

Expert Tip: Hang the wreath on your front door for a festive vibe.

Here's the step-by-step guide.

Use paper punches or scissors to cut hearts from colored vellum and lightweight decorative papers. Curl the cutout hearts by scraping them between your thumb and a butter knife just as you would with curling ribbon. Then layer the hearts on the cardstock base and attach each heart with a dab of clear-drying glue, either in the center or near one edge. Hang the wreath with ribbon.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

8 Creative Ideas for Urban Outdoor Spaces

Hving a piece of green space in the city, no matter how small, is something to treasure. But urban outdoor spaces are notorious for being oddly shaped, not so sunny and, yes, small. Here are nine creative ways to work with what you’ve got — whether it’s a tiny balcony or a row-house lot.

1. Trellis-lined gravel path.

Turn a narrow row-house back lot into an enchanting allée by lining the walls with wood trellises and climbing plants. A gravel path is an affordable and chic way to finish the space.

2. Fake grass (yes, really!).

Kinda silly or sort of cool? You decide. But when real grass is not a realistic option, a bit of fake green underfoot can be a cheerful addition to an urban outdoor space.

3. Split-level deck.

Try a deck with a few levels to create the feeling of different zones in a small outdoor space — even a slight shift in height can add a lot of visual interest. Perhaps put seating on one level, a grill on another and leave one open as pass-through space.

4. Linked outdoor rooms.

This Portland, Oregon, backyard packs a lot of living into a modest space. A soaking tub, dining table and fire pit each get a zone, defined by concrete slabs bordered in a mossy ground cover. A maple tree planted near the center of the yard provides shade and a focal point.

5. Urban playground.

Keep active kids busy with a backyard play structure and room to run around. Benches on either side of the yard plus a dining zone provide plenty of places for grown-ups to enjoy too. This yard is already pretty low maintenance.

6. Mini Zen garden.

Simple wood-plank decking is bisected by a “river” of stones and boulders on this courtyard patio. More wood planks mounted on the wall provide organic warmth as well as a place to hang potted plants.

7. Wall garden.

Save floor space in a compact city patio and get your greens too, by installing a wall of planters. Choose succulents for low-maintenance beauty or fill pots with tender lettuces and herbs for an edible urban feast. Tend the plants with a hose extension and keep a ladder handy for when you need to get a closer look at the plants.

8. Rooftop oasis.

A green roof, an outdoor dining zone and weathered wood walkways make this city rooftop equal parts livable and ecofriendly. Clumps of tall grasses and native flowers offer a welcome counterpoint to the tall buildings all around.