Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Arnel Casanova's Outrageous Dirty Tricks

"If one has a dream, he/she must work hard in pursuing to attain it", do you believe in this? I guess many of us will agree! Even Arnel Casanova believed this goal! However, not all dreams are worth pursuing. Why do I say that. There are certain aspects of a dream that a dreamer should look into consideration. And foremost of it is the MOTIVE or intention. Is one's motive self-serving or for the betterment of others? If you pick on the former, then I say, forget about that dream!

Am I too harsh? Nope! I just really hate seeing individuals being blinded by this 'self-serving' dream. So if BCDA president Arnel Casanova is bent on pursuing his 'dream' at Camp John Hay -- I say it again, FORGET about this dream Arnel Casanova !!!

“The Arbitral Award of the PDRCI ordered CJHDEVCO to return to BCDA the Camp upon return to CJHDEVCO of the P7.4 billion rentals paid by CJHDEVCO” Mr. Casanova, is this hard for you understand? I guess for a self-centered man like you with a 'self-serving' dream --this is a hard pill to swallow!

BCDA's latest attempt not to pay CJHDEVCO P1.4 billion is another dirty trick to dupe the locators, lessees and tenants inside the camp that you care for their welfare.

After all, you just wanted those investors and owners be evicted and let CJHDEVCO shoulder the costs of said eviction. Wow! such a wily plan, "Iwas bayad ang BCDA". Mr. Arnel Casanova, you're a sick, crooked man. You still are in hot pursuit to pin down and get even with Bob Sobrepena. You are such a big bully - good at doing dirty tactics to intimidate your opponents.

Furthermore, you're a big liar - good at misleading residents and locators to turn over their investments in Camp John Hay. You are instilling in their minds that CJHDevCo is the villain and you the Knight in Shining Armor who will aid them. These people may be helpless, but not dumb enough to know that if worst come to worst, it is BCDA that they will sue. They all know that their (third party) investments are safe since the decision said so.

CJHDevCo respect the decision and even going to the extent of providing all locators, lessees and tenants legal services just to protect their rights.

And what is BCDA doing? The 5-page contract you've presented the investors and tenants is full of harassing tactics to ensure that they sided with your whims. The new contract is 'Take it or Leave it' one where graft and corruption has a big chance to sink in.

I say, Mr. Casanova, your pathetic plan of spreading chaos in Camp John Hay will Not Work Out! Sooner or Later, the law will catch up with you! It is best for you to just respect the decision of the court and look at the welfare of the third parties to avoid trouble.

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